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Thanks for reaching out!

I am seeking for bold & individual Wall Art


left to right:
Kathy Thorn, Wendla Nölle, Jasna Lohr

In a nutshell

Burning for new narratives. 

Living for visionary aesthetics.

Connecting people with ideas. 

Creating visual experiences. 

Daring new things. 

Curating art we love.  

Exclusive Editions & Matching Artwork for your Business.  

Exclusive editions & matching artwork for your company. 

We burn for B2B projects. We help visionary companies and eccentric hosts showcase their taste and values on their walls. 

We have custom solutions for every client - from individually assembled collections to art subscriptions with a focus on the Zeitgeist.


Enough generics. Enough random flower meadows on the wall. is the exciting accessible space for contemporary photography and new perspectives for the walls.

Visual stories told by photojournalists with aesthetic sensitivity, commercial and fashion photographers taking a stance and freelance photographers with a love for the conceptual.


This portfolio is curated by the female art enthusiasts Jasna Lohr, Wendla Nölle and Kathy Thorn.

Coming from the film and creative industries, they are running with a clear attitude and a specific love for female artists, new narratives from Africa and the individual photographer’s view. 

Their vision is a democratic access to Zeitgeist photography and the conscious consumption of art.


To create lasting value offers all Fine Art Prints in strictly limited editions, produced on demand and in high gallery quality. Every purchased artwork comes with a Certificate of Authenticity hand signed by the artist.

Because it is never just a photograph

...and questions its ideals and narratives. 

It criticizes, moves, dismantles, inspires, touches and makes us happy.

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