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THE FOUNDERS photography for offices by Kai-Uwe Gundlach - Walden - Fine Art Print Fotodrucke photography for restaurants by Caroline Heinecke - Fleck Series photography for restaurants by Lois Cohen und Indiana Roma Voss - Pink Ranger - Fine Art Print Fotodrucke


Jasna Lohr

Film Producer & Creative Mind

Fast, precise and effective,

skilled in creating sensual experiences.


Lust for life.

Connecting people with visions.



Wendla Nölle

Film Director

Brimming with ideas.

Buzzing with topics.

Longing for justice.

The big screen.

The limelight.

Keeping track of essentials.

Exclusive Editions & Matching Artwork for Your Business.  

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and conceptual work.

We have a cloud full of ideas, 

handpicked limited wall art, 

and individual solutions.

It’s never just a photograph. photography for restaurants by Caroline Heinecke - Fleck Series photography by Isabel Pinto - Sea Guardians - Fine Art Prints - Kunstdrucke - Art for kids


It takes art for social change - it starts on your wall and in your virtual space. is online and more than just an art shop.               

We curate the work of photo journalists with aesthetic sensitivity, commercial and fashion photographers taking a stance and freelance photographers with a love for the conceptual.

We seek diverse perspectives, relevant content and edgy buyers.

All our fine art prints and NFTs are exclusive or strictly limited editions - giving every artwork an individual value. was founded by two female art lovers who have been working as passionate director and creative producer in the film industry and in advertising. 

We are storytellers and we believe your walls can tell stories, too. 

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