Surreal silhouettes. Bold symmetry. Pizza addict & pineapple hater.


Based in Tallinn, Estonia.

From Stockholm to Seoul, Tallinn to Taipei, Berlin to Beijing and beyond, Spanish photographer, Andrés Gallardo Albajar has its own exceptional way to capture thrilling architecture and urban life around the world.

His images play out like a travelogue of aesthetic discovery, featuring symmetry, lines and unconventional façades, the otherworldliness of contemporary architecture captured in all its confounding boldness.

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The Collection of André G. Albajar

Andrés G. Albajar is part of the mynt.artist collaboration with The Radical Project.


Awards & Nominations 

  • Recognized at Sony World Photography Awards, IPA International Photography Awards, ND Awards or Siena International Photography Awards.


  • Exhibited in Spain, South Korea, Russia, Greece, UK and France.


  • Featured at National Geographic, Architectural Digest, Der Spiegel, The Guardian, Designboom, Archdaily, Archilovers, Wired and many more.

  • Urban Geometry book, published by Hoxton Mini Press.


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Andrés Gallardo Albajar


Your art is…

very personal, like everyone's :) But I'd like to consider my art to be encouraging. As a self taught photographer who got into photography quite late, I like telling people that following your instincts and passions can be very rewarding, on many different levels.

Name something you love, and why. 

I love dogs. They are the most loyal beings one can meet. But everyone loves dogs. 

So I will say I love gazpacho!

Which professional success meant the most to you? 

I'd have to list a few, like the first time I sold a photo, the international clients and most recently, when I got contacted by a publishing house to publish a book about my work.

Could you eat pancakes for a whole week? 

I'd definitely like to find out :)

Analog or Digital? 

I like the endless possibilities of digital, but one day I would love to learn about analog photography and especially about developing film.

Where do you go when you want to be with you?

I take myself to the sea.

Tell us something about your education. 

I have a masters degree in advertising and PR, and then I took graphic design studies.

A question that moves you right now. 

The question that I can't get out of my head now is the one about the pancakes :)

Why photography? 

I can't really explain. I got my first camera at 31, as a gift from my mom and my brother. So I'm a late self taught photographer. But the self development journey is being one of my most fulfilling and rewarding life experiences.

What was the weirdest encounter, the craziest adventure or the most beautiful moment you experienced on a shoot? 

During these past years traveling and shooting I have been blessed to meet amazing people and this is the biggest treasure I got.  One of the shoots that I will always remember was when shooting Harbin Grand Theater. Harbin is one of the coldest cities out there and I spent around 12h per day shooting at -20ºC. Finding as much joy as I found on those days meant that I was doing the right thing.

What is more important to you: Form or content? 

I guess balance is the key.

What part of the human face is your favorite? 

Eyes and nose. The eyes tell a lot about the feelings and emotions of people. And the nose can add a lot of personality to a face.

Where does your inspiration live? 

My inspiration lives in other people.

What would you do if you weren't afraid? 

There is something really fascinating and intriguing about war/conflict photographers. 

But I'm not sure I have what it takes.