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Zeitgeist. Juicy art & contradictions. Ecstatic moments. Trusted team.


Based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. 

The Amsterdam-based photographer and creative director Lois Cohen closely collarborates with stylist and creative director Indiana Roma Voss. Their common work combines fiction and reality to a stunning effect. They have known each other since they were teenagers and are now part of the new vanguard of image makers and storytellers.

The first time they worked together they created their portrait series Local Angels, a joyful documentation of Amsterdam’s ‘underground eccentrics’. Their second project Metamorphosis, a 12-part series that focused on the reconfiguration of the female icon, was received with great international acclaim. The series was exhibited in galleries in Paris and Amsterdam.

The aesthetics of their work can be described as a paradoxical melting pot of fashion and activism, fine art and camp.

Discover their artworks on

The Collection of Lois Cohen & Indiana Roma Voss


Awards + Nominations 

  • 2009 Huis Marseilles "Best Fanculture Depiction" Photographic Award

  • 2018 SBK Sprouts "Young Talent 2018 " (with Indiana Roma Voss Best Graduate Nomination)

  • 2019 ADCN  "Best Photography" Award (with Indiana Roma Voss / winning project:  Metamorphosis)

  • 2020 ADCN  "Best Photography" Award (winning project: First Family)


  • 2020 “The Time Is Now” Galerie Number 8, Brussels, Belgium (group)

  • 2019 "Together" La Cite Gallery, Paris (with Indiana Roma Voss/ group)

  • 2018 "Metamorphosis" Melkweg Gallery, Amsterdam (with Indiana Roma Voss / solo)

  • 2018 "Bloot!" Museum Kranenburgh, Bergen  (with Indiana Roma Voss/ group)

  • 2017 "Der Greiff" Unseen FotoFair, Amsterdam (group) photography - fine art prints - Fotodrucke

Lois Cohen &
Indiana Roma Voss


Your art ist...

Lois: juicy

Indiana: paradoxical

Name something you love, and why.

Lois: Beverly Hills of Housewifes, because they got me through the first lockdown.

Indiana: John Waters, because he’s a pervert.

Which professional success meant the most to you?

Lois: The opening of our solo exhibition in Amsterdam, in a big gallery space with massive prints of our project Metamorphosis, a group of  fabulous performers dressed up like the characters in our photos…. and the best energy. So many people came, they filled up half the street outside of the gallery.  an ecstatic moment.

Indiana: winning the Elle Stylist of the year award comes a close second to having our first solo exhibition.

Could you eat pancakes for a whole week?

Lois: sounds a bit psycho, but probably.

Indiana: ofcourse.

Analog or Digital?


Where do you go when you want to be with you?

Lois: I’m an atheist, but sitting in a quiet church really calms my soul.

Indiana: beach, sauna, bedroom, airport

Tell us something about your education

Indiana: art school is a rip off.

Lois: Hahaha, it certainly is. I’m just happy that it’s behind me because it took me a hell of a time. In my third year they switched head of photography, and let me tell you... this new guy  was not pleased with  me.  I was already working a lot as a photographer and had a hard time being a consistent student, to say the least (so I can’t blame him really). It’s been 3 years since I graduated from art school, but I still have nightmares about it… that feeling of endlessness... In those dreams 30,40,50 years have gone by and I’m still floating around in that miserable building.

Why photography?

Lois: It’s the most instantaneous way of altering reality.

Why styling?

Indiana: It’s the most accessible tool that is in constant motion, a reflection of the zeitgeist

What was the weirdest encounter, the craziest adventure or the most beautiful moment you experienced on a shoot?

Indiana: after I moved to New York Lois and I didn’t work together for what felt like a long time. The first time we were able to get back together and we were on set felt like coming home. I put on some of her favorite music and we danced and created together… It was truly great.

What is more important to you: Form or content?

Lois: I don’t  consider these as two seperate things, they’re rather intertwined.

If I’m working from a certain idea or narrative visually I make choices that support and elevate that idea/narrative and this is how the aesthetics are born. Or it’s more of an intuitive process: A random visual pops in my mind and I just like the way it looks, but it doesn't mean it doesn't have any meaning purely because it’s not based on a conscious thought.  Sometimes the story unfolds in a later stage. Sometimes it doesn’t and that's ok too. we don’t always have to intellectualize everything.

What part of the human face is your favorite?

Lois: eyeballs

Indiana: bone structure

Where does your inspiration live?

Lois: Contradictions. My Inspiration lives Pretty much everywhere, it’s the duality in things, situations and people that interest me.

What would you do if you weren't afraid?

Indiana: I can honestly say, I am not afraid. That sounds extremely confident and perhaps a cocky thing to say but I am not afraid. Fear has never been a factor that has stopped me or held me back. Perhaps having too much of the opposite of fear is sooner my weakness.  Fearless to the point of recklessness.

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