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Nature boy. Journey into new worlds. World press photo award winner. Close to the people.


Based in Dortmund, Germany.

Maximilian Mann is a German documentary and portrait photographer.

Photography is not only a way of visual expression for him, but allows Max to deal with the topics important to him. In his work he focuses on stories about society and social and ecological changes in countries like Iran, Mongolia and Moldova. He loves being on the move with his camera, having surprising encounters and discovering something about the world we live in.

Discover his artworks on

The Collection of Maximilian Mann


Awards & Nominations

  • 2020 laureate at World Press Photo Award, Category Environment Stories

  • 2020 FUTURES Talent, Triennale of Photography Hamburg

  • 1st prize Feature Shoot Emerging Photography Awards

  • 2019 Winner Felix Schoeller Emerging Photographer 

  • Nominated for W. Eugene Smith Student Grant



Name something you love, and why.

Being on the move with the camera, thereby having new interesting encounters and thereby learning something about the world we live in.

Which professional success meant the most to you?

When people are interested in my photostory and think about it afterwards.

Could you eat cheesecake for a whole week?

No. If I had to eat something every day, it would be pasta.

Where do you go when you want to be with you?

Into nature

Tell us something about your education

After school I did a voluntary service in Tanzania. That certainly left its mark. Then I moved to Dortmund to study photography.  But I think I also learned a lot from people who are around me.

A question that moves you right now

What is the basic motivation to do anything at all?

Why photography?

Photography is a form of visual expression. Photography allows me to deal with things that interest me. It is a way to tell a story and convey an attitude.

What was the weirdest encounter, the craziest adventure or the most beautiful moment you experienced on a shoot?

There are many things to tell. In the end, the beautiful moments are often encounters with people. You experience funny, sometimes bizarre things on your travels, whether in Transnistria or Iran.

What is more important to you: Form or content?

Very difficult question. I think both are very important. If only one is present, something is missing.

What part of the human face is your favorite?

The eye

Where does your inspiration live?

Somewhere between hearts and encounters.

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