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The Trash Icon. Kingdom of Lost & Found. Nature Child.


Based in Berlin, Germany.

ISABEL OTT, alias TRASH ROYAL, is a passionate rubbish collector and hunter of things. Following her studies, she worked for a long time and very successfully as a set designer for film, video and advertising, but also devoted her time to art, which is her very personal examination of the themes of resources, recyclables and consumption. She gives discarded everyday objects and lost favourites a new identity, makes the seemingly worthless and doomed things shine in a new light and thus creates unique objects. In 2017, she founded the artist:inside collective PLANET TRASH and has been running the World Trash Center on the legendary Holzmarkt Berlin since 2018.

ALBRECHT SILBERBERGER has developed into a renowned light artist through his many years of experience as a cameraman and gaffer for film. In various photographic projects, he expresses a clear and powerful vision of his reality, illuminating the souls of the people, situations and objects photographed.

He interprets the works of Isabel Ott in his own observational way and captures their stories in photographic stagings.



  • today - The Kingdom of Lost & Found - Holzmarkt Berlin 

  • 2010 Exhibition of the "Altar of Waste" on the occasion of the project "Waste is the greatest source of energy" at the Gänsemarkt Hamburg. 

  • 2008 Exhibition at Westgermany Berlin    

  • 2008 Exhibition Central Cemetery at Lügenmuseum Gantikow

  • 2007 Participation in the art market Minden. 

  • 2007 Solo exhibition "Pimp the white cube" at Galerie MFK Berlin.

  • 2007 Participation in the exhibition "FSK 18 - Eroticism in Art" at the Gallery Tristesse Deluxe, accompanying the 2nd Pornofilmfest Berlin.

  • 2005 Participation in the group exhibition "Kunst oder Königin" Berlin.

  • 2004 Solo exhibition "Wolperdinger" at the Gallery Knoth & Krüger Berlin.

  • 2004 Participation in the "Dropping Knowledge Salon" Berlin.

  • 2004 Exhibition at the GdK (Galerie der Künste) Berlin.


ART SHOP photography - fine art prints - Fotodrucke

Trash Royal


A question that moves you right now

Isabel: The future. Never felt so unsecure about it.

Albrecht: Can our society survive this life?

What influence does society have on your art?

Isabel: The leftovers of societies consumption is my source of materials and inspiration. 

I love the stories, leftovers tell.

Albrecht: It is the coincidence of the moment and the variety of the environment.

What impact does your art have on society?

Isabel: I hope to mirror the careless way of consumption and our behaviour towards the planet. 

I wish to give back things their value.

Albrecht: Ask them.

Which professional success meant the most to you?

Isabel: I am called „ the trash icon“ by now.

Albrecht: To be recognized from wonderful DP´s and Directors as an artist and light designer.

What would you do if you weren't afraid?

Isabel: Fly by myself.

Albrecht: I would life a fearless brave artist life

Where does your inspiration live?

Isabel: In my belly. When it comes up, it explodes to my whole body.

Albrecht: Discovering fantasy and thoughts while running through the forest -

the impact of oxygen to my brain

Your art is…

Isabel: Telling Stories of things.

Albrecht: Shining.

Name something you love, and why.

Isabel: Nature. Because it is so calm and innocent, colourful, genious and inspiring.

Albrecht: The vibrant life of Berlin with all the vicissitude and great people...this city is still fantastic.

Could you eat pancakes for a whole week?

Isabel: Definitely NOT. I feel already flat by thinking of it.

Albrecht: Maybe I should not try that.

Analog or Digital?

Isabel: Analog

Albrecht: Digalog

Where do you go when you want to be with you?

Isabel: My atelier or on a swing.

Albrecht: Our houseboat on the river. As soon you enter the deck you forget everything around.

Tell us something about your education

Isabel: In school, minimum learning maximum result. 

Now, learning by doing and failure. 

I love coincidence. It‘s the best teacher if you look and listen to it.

Albrecht: interest-looking-trying-refine-mixing-improvise and again.

What was the weirdest encounter, the craziest adventure or the most beautiful moment you experienced on a shoot?

Isabel: Shooting the Altar der Verschwendung in an Iglu of fridges in the middle of Hamburg. 

Albrecht and I were shooting the whole night until the sun came up. 

We only had three lamps, lighting fridge by fridge, bucket by bucket. 

Albrecht had to overlay several pictures to get one. That was a magic night.

Albrecht: Traveling to Morocco with my girlfriend  and shooting a short film in an old garage under catastrophic circumstances - it was not only a shoot it was an adventure…as many shoots become your lifetime and not just your job...

What part of the human face is your favorite?

Isabel: The eyes

Albrecht: Mouth 

What is more important to you: Form or content?

Isabel: Form. Content follows.

Albrecht: FORM

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