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Telling The Truth? Edgy Compositions. Slightly Surreal.


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Fee-Gloria Grönemeyer, born in Wiesbaden, Germany, in 1993 and currently residing in Bitche, France, is a photographer and art director. During her business studies in Mannheim, Germany, and New York, she began documenting her surroundings through photography and soon realized it was more than just a hobby. 

Over the past few years, she has steadily developed her style and ventured into new ways of capturing people. Her compositions are often edgy, humorous, and slightly surreal.

For each project, Fee-Gloria invests a significant amount of time in detailed planning, research, composition, looks, and selecting locations that best represent a person, emotion, or idea. 


Exhibitions / Awards

Her work was showcased at the Photo Vogue Festival Milan in 2019, Räume 2, Räume AI, and the Photo Vogue Festival in 2021. 

She was also recognized as one of the 'Ones to Watch' by the British Journal of Photography in 2021. photography - fine art prints - Fotodrucke

Fee-Gloria Grönemeyer


Name something you love, and why.

I love my cat, Oko Umami Muschi, she is my muse.

Which professional success meant the most to you?

Every time I get to create a story in collaboration with the subject.

My project ‘Line of Work’ is probably the one that is most meaningful to me personally.

Could you eat crêpes for a whole week?

No, but definitely for a  whole day.

Analog or Digital?

Tough question. Depends on the project, but probably analog.

What influence does society have on your art?

Without society I wouldn’t know what to create. People are my inspiration.

What impact does your art have on society?

I would hope that people see my work and question what they know or see through it.

Where do you go when you want to be with you?

I love being in bed. It is my office, my resting place and my home.

Tell us something about your education.

I am an autodidact when it comes to photography. I did take a course once, but really everything I know about my work comes from trial and error.

A question that moves you right now.

How can we tell truth from fiction in a world full of content?

What was the weirdest encounter, the craziest adventure or the most beautiful moment you experienced on a shoot?

There is always something unexpected that happens during shoots. I think my personal favorite was when I was location scouting in Hanoi with the model, Trang Bui, and we ended up in a small village outside of Hanoi. We found a family home that we loved and asked them if we could shoot there and they invited us to have dinner with them. I love connecting to people all over the world and getting to know their stories.

What part of the human face is your favorite?

The Eyes.

Where does your inspiration live?


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