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Closer look. Detail lover. Graphic genius.


Based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Andreas Godwin is a Swedish photographer whose images bring out the beauty of mundane details. His work encompasses a broad spectrum of minimal subjects ranging from urban close-ups and isolated cityscapes to landscapes. With his love for structure and form, he captures unnoticed spaces in the everyday life. But his photography never simply documents, his images always manage to create moody and captivating sentiments.

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The Collection of John A. Godwin



  • His work is exhibited in Berlin, London, Paris, Sydney, New York photography - fine art prints - Fotodrucke

John Andreas Godwin


Your art is…

Minimal, geometric, monochrome, colorful, playful, serious, simple & precise

Name something you love, and why.

- the wild calmness of the ocean

- the beauty of raw concrete and brutalist architecture

- the contrast between a geometric shape and chaotic nature or a vivid color in a dull environment

What could you eat for a whole week?


Where do you go when you want to be with you?

A part of town that I’ve never visited before, or out in the forest, or by the ocean.

Why photography?

Photography have always been important to me. It appeals to me because it is very immediate, a beautiful piece of art can be created within a second. I love how a great photo can happen without any planning at all and how it can also happen after months or years of meticulous planning.

Where does your inspiration live?

I find inspiration everywhere, in the subway, in the suburbs or in the supermarket.

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