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The legendary Hotel. Iconic Portraits. A unique encounter. Come together.




Berlin, Germany
In an exciting collaboration between the female-founded online art gallery, the legendary Provocateur Hotel in Berlin from the Gekko Group, and WhiteWall Photo Lab as a renowned production partner, an inspiring exhibition is emerging that brings new art into the theme of "come together."

Behind the Art Nouveau façade of the hotel lies a world full of artistic fantasies, capturing the essence of human connections and timeless encounters.

Curators Kathy Thorn and Jasna Lohr present selected works from artists around the world in "come together" - photographs that transform the entire Charlottenburg building into a compelling visual narrative.

The unparalleled quality of the production partner WhiteWall brings the images on the walls to life, making it clear why they were once again awarded as the "Best Photo Lab in the World" in 2023.

Characters of all kinds, genders, and identifications are invited to come together in this special creative space where art surprises, and the magic of togetherness takes center stage.

What happens at Provocateur doesn't happen anywhere else.

Provocateur Berlin, the gallery, and their esteemed production partner, the WhiteWall Photo Lab, stand for such a unique encounter. Come together.


Provocateur Bar Awards 

Oh là là! Das Restaurant Golden Phoenix von Chefkoch The Duc Ngo wurde von OpenTable-Gästen als eines der besten Restaurants ausgewählt. photography - fine art prints - Fotodrucke

Provocateur X


The Paris of the 1920s meets today's cosmopolitan Berlin - an interior of velvet, marble, brass, and sparkling chandeliers. A lifestyle free from norms and such a special vibe that welcomes everyone.

The new art in the hotel showcases authentic personalities and motifs that evoke various emotions in the observer. This is for all art lovers and lovers in general. For all bold aesthetes and visionary guests. For inspiring walls, pensive corridors, and surprising hotel rooms. For unconventional restaurants and unexpected perspectives when the elevator from 1912 opens.

The Hotel is the most beautiful place for spontaneous connections, where every guest brings their own attitude. The allure of such encounters lies in their unpredictability and uniqueness. When people come together like this, space opens up for the unknown and life-changing experiences.


Thanks to the visionary projects of Micky Rosen & Alex Urseanu Gekko Group developed to a brand in hospitality and gastronomy industries. The recipe: A love for life and the passion to share it. The portfolio from real estates, hotels, gastronomy and events differentiate themselves in conception and design – they all share one thing in common: places where the highest gastronomic requirements are satisfied, in which the ease of being is not lost and the right people meet. Friendships for life. Encounters of a special kind.

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