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  • Artist Fee-Gloria Grönemeyer

    This artwork is a part of an exciting collaboration between, the legendary Provocateur Hotel in Berlin, and WhiteWall Photo Lab, a renowned production partner. An inspiring exhibition is emerging, bringing new art into the theme of 'come together.'


    Hottviller, France I 2021


    This image is a significant component of the narrative titled 'Ways of Water.' It was captured within the confines of my neighbor's garden, a tranquil haven during the tumultuous pandemic period.

    Within the broader context of the story, this particular image serves as a profound exploration of our intricate relationship with nature and, in turn, the intrinsic value it holds in our lives.

    The central subject in this frame is not merely an observer but an active participant in the garden's ecosystem. By wholly immersing themselves in the garden's lush greenery and dedicating their energy to nurturing the plants that flourish within it, they symbolize a profound connection with the natural world. This act of selflessly giving to the burgeoning flora epitomizes the harmony that can exist between humans and the environment when we engage with nature in a conscientious and nurturing manner.


    In the midst of a global crisis, the image portrays a poignant reminder of the solace and meaning that can be discovered in our own backyards, where the simplest acts of tending to nature can be a source of profound reflection and spiritual fulfillment.

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