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  • Artist Angela Lamprecht


    Bregenz _ Austria I 2021

    2020 was a year like no other – the stories of this lockdown and how it radically impacted our daily lives will certainly be told for a long time to come. When curfew, assembly bans and home office became reality, food and eating as activity quickly advanced to the highlight of the day.

    On this occasion photographer Angela Lamprecht and the designers Brini Fetz ( and Lisa Langmantel ( took a closer look at last year’s meal plans. “For our work as designers in the area of food it is crucial to constantly follow up on social and cultural trends. When social media literally got flooded by sourdough and banana bread recipes, we were wondering how the circumstances of the lockdown has changed our food preferences and eating habits.”

    Through their research they were able to observe a number of phenomena. The results of this Social Media survey were visualised in a series of eight images, captured by Austrian-based photographer Angela Lamprecht. Monochrome colours and repetition were consciously used in the styling of the images – reflecting repetitive routines and the monotony of the days during the lockdown.