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  • Artist Dörte Fitschen-Rath


    New York City I 2018

    "Community, Neighborhood, Home. When the basketball courts re-opened after renovation, kids and adults alike flew in. The bar-b-q- grill was lit and tournaments took place, older men played dominoes and cards, the women gathered and conversed. In the deep layers of what makes New York City, the city that it is, people have created their homes and they make the city that it is. The Lower East Side is a a microcosm in this layered, chaotic, beautiful world that is New York City." - Doerte Fitschen-Rath


    Doerte’s distinctive, often raw imagery infused with painterly qualities derive from an emotional place. She finds a range of expression in analog and digital photography, depending on her subject matter. Her poetic take on life and the streets of New York are mostly captured with a softer focus, literally and expressively. In some cases she technically enhances softness to offset a sharper take. While staying in close proximity to her subjects, she finds the essence of the moment running the gamut from movement to stillness.

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