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  LIMITED EDITION 20 OF 30  ​​​​​​​

  • Artist Julia Marie Werner


    Bangkok, Thailand I 2019

    Girls can design, drive, repair and photograph cars just as boys can. A girl can do everything exactly as a boy can. Good, successful, go-get-it girls prove they’re just like boys. – stop! – What?? Who says girls have to prove they’re the same as anyone who is not like them? A girl photographs cars with her eyes, her emotions, her creativity. Just because that does not look like the photos of photographer Y, who has already rocked off X – Mercedes and BMW campaigns, does not mean it ’s not relevant. Are not over 50% of potential customers women Should not at least as much advertising be created by women as well?Because I’m a girl‘ means to me, taking photos of things I see because I’m who I am, not because I want them to look like the latest campaign of other men. And yet, the temptation is always great to fit into a known scheme. Do not appear too soft, don´t show too much emotion or speak too high. Actually it should read ‚Because I am who I am‘, but ‚girl‘ describes me well enough.