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  • Artists Lois Cohen & Indiana Roma Voss


    London, UK I 2018


    “Odalisquue” is part of “Metamorphosis”, a project in which visual artists Lois Cohen and Indiana Roma Voss attempt to redefine female icons and figures throughout history that has influenced today’s image culture -from religion to pop culture, from art history to cartoons. Essentially by recasting the women embodying these rollmodels and reconstructing certain elements within the classic imagery, the meaning of the image itself changes. Breaking free from the somewhat stereotypical and onedimensional portrayals, the series seeks to create new archetypes of strong women in a photography that aims to be as inclusive as possible.


    The series is steeped in symbolism that serves to highlight each woman’s brave determination. Ingres’ 1814 painting ‘La grande odalisque ‘ depicts a Turkish concubine laying naked on a bed presumably waiting for her next lover. In Lois and Indiana’s version, however, the beautiful woman is lounging on her bed, half clad with a powersuit, gazing at a naked man on her iPad. In this way, the duo challenges and subvert the male gaze.