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  • Artist Luisa Hanika


    "Everyone is aware of them: the pictures of plastic waste covering the entire coasts of our oceans. A chaos that has become a symbol of self-inflicted pollution. With „Plastiken“ (Plastics), I have dealt extensively with the material plastic and the environmental pollution, intending to promote a new and sustainable awareness of environment and consumption, as well as to give new causes for thoughts.

    For the first phase of the project I collected coloured plastic rubbish in my private and public environment over a period of six months. Following the collection process, in the second phase I sorted the plastic according to colour and removed all existing labels, stickers and coarser dirt. In the third and final phase, I then arranged and photographed the garbage together with animals in still lifes. The shown animals and their habitats are threatened by the garbage and its small parts. The animals - made of plastic - I painted in the standard plastic colours." 


    The "Plastik I" artwork, shot in 2016 by Luisa Hanika hangs at the amazing exhibition space of achtgrad in a 80x60cm format as a photo print behind acrylic glass.


    achtgrad - The Curator 


    achtgrad is Yasmin & Frank Mevissen. They share their heart, their house and their mindset. The two are united by their passion for beautiful things. In their fantastic house, they exhibit second-hand design classics from the 20th century with great attention to detail. They sell most of the special treasures via various platforms and live in constant change with their interior pieces.