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  • Artist Matilde Gattoni


    Imphal, India I 2020

    A street food stall serving traditional delicacies and tea. Female clients sit here ahd chit chat for hours while they do their grocery shopping and more. The Ima Market is a social gathering place for local women.

    Created more than 400 years ago in the city of Imphal, the Ima Keithel (or “mother’s market”) hosts more than 10,000 businesswomen who hold an unprecedented role in local society, acquired through hundreds of years of activism and spectacular mobilisations.
    The Ima Keithel mothers regularly confront local armed groups, fight criminals and corrupt politicians, and stage protests that shake the country to the roots, forcing authorities to bow to their demands.
    Thanks to their courage and determination, they have become one of the world’s brightest examples of a female-led society.