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  • Artist Nick van Tiem


    Do you remember, when we were kids? A piece of carton was your shield, a detached broom your sword. There was a mythical creature behind every corner and most probably one under your bed. In a time where not much is left to our imagination, we decided it was time to dream like a kid once again. 


    The Portait of Marcus, shot for Vogue Italia in 2020 by Nick van Tiem hangs at the bar-restaurant KINK in Berlin in a 64x80cm format as a photo print behind acrylic glass.


    KINK – The Curator


    "We don’t build walls. We tear them down. We bring together what belongs together: kitchen and bar. In the middle of Berlin, high-end and laid back. We explore and are inspired by all of the world’s culinary riches to create something new and special - something we can call our own.

    We like to surprise you, remind, inspire, and pamper you. Once in a while, we like to challenge you. KINK is a journey - evening after evening - one we’re embarking on alongside our guests, whom we consider to be our friends the moment we meet them."


    At the bar-restaurant KINK, Zeitgeist gastronomy is combined with contemporary art. The fantastic location on the Pfefferberg has been equipped with an eclectic selection of art and interiors by the owners Oliver Mansaray and Daniel Scheppan.


    "We appreciate art that questions, moves and stimulates exchange."