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  • Artist Nick van Tiem


    Cape Town, South Africa I 2020

    Andile, Sindiso and Mzwandile getting a Gatsby.

    The Broke Boys Series.

    Thrifters, hustlers, DJ’s, designers or creatives? Many words describe Andile (22), Mwandile (21), Sindiso (24), Bobo (23) and Bino (22), but they will always call themselves Broke Boys. Each individual born into divided homes around the country, they found brotherhood, security and unconditional love amongst each other. Living together in Cape Town’s suburb Blue Downs, every aspect of their lives are intertwined.

Lacking a traditional house-hold with parents from a young age, everything is shared. Two beds and one couch for five guys, a communal laptop, wardrobe and fridge. Pino has been blessed with cooking skills, Carl does the dishes, Andile does the groceries and Sindiso plays the newest tracks. If one can’t make it to his job, someone will cover for him. And like in every house-hold, the boys fight from time to time.

We wake up together for an early sunrise, blasting tunes during breakfast. We commute to the City Bowl clothing market to thrift the dopest items. We eat a Gatsby at the local diner and watch the sunset at our favourite spot.

This story follows the life of the Broke Boys, lives defined by struggle, but more by togetherness than anything.