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  • Artist Phillip Kaminiak


    Berlin, Germany I 2017

    This is an „off moment“ of a fashion shot. My commissioned work is one thing, my personal view on things is another. I like capturing Off moments. Moments that don’t have anything to do with the situation. I call it selective perception. I am trying to see my own story inside or next to the reality I am in. This can have more or less to do with what really is happening in front of the camera. But in many cases it even amplifies the reality.


    Phillip Kaminiak’s photograph’s look is a mix of classical flash street photography of the 80ies to 90ies, with a slight sense of fashion or portrait photography. The use of flash, small rangefinder cameras, rather wide lenses, a physical closeness to his subjects and 35mm film gives the pictures something raw and glossy at the same time. This has a significant effect on the question you might have standing in front of many of his pictures: „Is it staged or is it documentary“?