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  • Artist Phillip Kaminiak

    This artwork is a part of an exciting collaboration between, the legendary Provocateur Hotel in Berlin, and WhiteWall Photo Lab, a renowned production partner. An inspiring exhibition is emerging, bringing new art into the theme of 'come together.'


    Berlin, Germany I 2017


    "This is an „off moment“ of a fashion shot. My commissioned work is one thing, my personal view on things is another. I like capturing Off moments. Moments that don’t have anything to do with the situation. I call it selective perception. I am trying to see my own story inside or next to the reality I am in. This can have more or less to do with what really is happening in front of the camera. But in many cases it even amplifies the reality." - Phillip Kaminiak


    Phillip Kaminiak’s photograph’s look is a mix of classical flash street photography of the 80ies to 90ies, with a slight sense of fashion or portrait photography. The use of flash, small rangefinder cameras, rather wide lenses, a physical closeness to his subjects and 35mm film gives the pictures something raw and glossy at the same time. This has a significant effect on the question you might have standing in front of many of his pictures: „Is it staged or is it documentary“? 

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