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  • Artist Phillip Kaminiak


    Berlin, Germany I 2016

    Here we can see a SM / Porn Crew getting ready backstage for a little side show for a concert of a very bad german Rap group, that will be performing in front of 10.000 very young people. Just a minute later this SM Crew will perform very explicit and pornographical acts in front of this mentioned 10.000 young people. As one might have  realized, I don’t show the faces on my pictures very often. I am interested in telling a story through small details, that don’t seem to be important but that can tell a very interesting  story, or even leave the storytelling to the observer.


    Phillip Kaminiak’s photograph’s look is a mix of classical flash street photography of the 80ies to 90ies, with a slight sense of fashion or portrait photography. The use of flash, small rangefinder cameras, rather wide lenses, a physical closeness to his subjects and 35mm film gives the pictures something raw and glossy at the same time. This has a significant effect on the question you might have standing in front of many of his pictures: „Is it staged or is it documentary“?