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  • Artist Eman Ali


    Bahrain I 2015

    This self-portrait was taken when I first moved to Bahrain, an island on the southwestern coast of the Persian Gulf. The effect of capitalism lead to the rapid transformation of the Gulf urban landscape, including the introduction of multi-million luxury residential community projects in the last 15 years. This photo was taken in one of the newly developed residential compounds on the island. The gated community is impeccably lined with homogeneously designed villas and townhouses set against the backdrop of the largest and only golf course in the country. Quiet, orderly, and lacking a fixed identity, one cannot help but feel a sense of the eerie and artificiality in its sterile perfection. I use this backdrop of hypermodernity to playfully transport the viewer by setting the scene for their imagination to construct a narrative in this strange, futuristic world suspended somewhere neither here nor there.