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  • Artist Michael Erbach

    Berlin, Deutschland I 2018


    "My work is primarily about the composition of individual colors, color fields and figures.

    What meaning do these colors and shapes have and in what context do they stand to each other?

    Which one dominates?

    Which one subordinates itself?

    Which in turn influences the next figure?

    What does the distance to each other mean and what structural nature are they subordinate to?

    A work builds up like a mosaic of different fragments.

    Vertical lines and structures, for example, stand for my emotional search for structure, order and support. They bind color fields of neon yellow and neon orange, based on the view that spirituality can provide this firmness.

    Here, the neon yellow represents the transcendent, the neon orange the humanistic.

    Ultimately, a work represents an emotional situation, in relation to the search of one's own position in the holistic context."