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  • ROOMERS #417
  • ROOMERS #417


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Roomers Frankfurt x

The Legend. A real love affaire. Classy Icons.


blurry nights 


shadows dance between the sheets

let‘s match their beauty 

memories etched deeply 

soft to the touch

a certain night 

the blurriness begins

laughing mouths, hungry lips

starving souls

their paths may never cross again 

what remains are these moments

of happiness 

animated, blurry, electrifying 

slow motion halos

velvety to the touch 

words dissipate our inhibitions 

we celebrate tonight 

a blurry night 

what remains here stays here

in the stillness of remembering 

that I have missed you

  • Artists Eva Zocher & Ronan Budec


    Frankfurt, Germany conceives and curates the new art collection for the legendary Frankfurt Roomers Hotel by the Gekko Group.
    Under the artistic direction of, the photographer duo Eva Zocher & Ronan Budec created a holistic exhibition concept for the entire hotel and for all communication channels. The provocative photographic art series "Blurry Nights" tells of unforgettable experiences and blurred memories at Roomers Hotel.

    The exclusive art prints are now available in limited edition for all guests and art lovers online on

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