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  • Artist Micha Serraf

    This artwork is a part of an exciting collaboration between, the legendary Provocateur Hotel in Berlin, and WhiteWall Photo Lab, a renowned production partner. An inspiring exhibition is emerging, bringing new art into the theme of 'come together.'



    “no one puts their children in a boat unless the water is safer than the land – Warsan Shire, “Home”

    Micha Serraf is a Zimbabwean photographer based in Cape Town, South Africa. The subtly surreal photographs he makes are shrouded in a nostalgia of personal experience, of what never was, and of what could have been. Caught in an entanglement between ancestral history and utopic optimism, Micha remembers the past by imagining a future, and re-members a future by re-imagining the past:

    I imagine, when we arrived, our boats were made of gold. I imagine, when we landed, our parachutes were made of silk and embedded with diamonds. I imagine that once we adopted their ways, we would be seen. I Imagine that once we learned their language, we would be heard. I imagine that once my mother built her home, we would be al- lowed to live among them ... Between the flowers and the stones, my feet, rooted loosely in the ground, can feel the soil. When I close my eyes, I imagine home. I imagine imba yangu.

    Through his work, Micha rewrites the trauma of displacement by replenishing it with the imagined memory and fantastical anticipation of celebration, homage, and childlike wonder.”

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