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Under the Pressure



  • Artist Fee-Gloria Grönemeyer

    This artwork is a part of an exciting collaboration between, the legendary Provocateur Hotel in Berlin, and WhiteWall Photo Lab, a renowned production partner. An inspiring exhibition is emerging, bringing new art into the theme of 'come together.'


    Paris, France / 2023


    This particular image is a noteworthy component of a series that was meticulously crafted with the aid of various AI programs. The overarching concept behind this series was to challenge our conventional notions of perception, forging a visual landscape where the boundaries between the "real" and the artificially generated become delightfully blurred.

    In this innovative photographic venture, the fusion of human creativity and artificial intelligence results in imagery that tantalizingly straddles the realms of reality and artifice. Each composition invites viewers to question the very essence of what they perceive, encouraging them to discern the subtle interplay between the familiar and the newly conjured.


    The synthesis of human ingenuity and AI-powered algorithms in this series not only showcases the limitless potential of technology but also serves as a thought-provoking exploration of the evolving relationship between human creativity and the digital world.

    These images challenge us to contemplate the malleability of reality and the extent to which we can manipulate and transcend traditional artistic boundaries in the digital age.

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